5 Common Mistakes That Can Affect Eye Health - Part 2


3. Skipping annual eye exams

Annual eye examinations are essential to maintaining excellent ocular health. Eye examinations cover more than just your vision. Optometrists, like Dr. Evie Lawson at Eyes on You, usually look for other health issues that are related to your eyes. It is to get an overall eye health checked to look for more serious problems such as tumor and broken blood vessel. Since we do not have pain receptors behind the eye sockets, we are unaware of larger problems unless we get an eye examination.

4. Rubbing and touching your eyes with your hands

Our hands collect all kinds of germs and dirt from touching many different objects throughout the day. The eyes are protected by a moist mucous membrane that serves as a perfect place for bacteria and germs to thrive. So when we touch our eyes, we risk transmitting germs into our bodies. Furthermore, rubbing or touching our eyes can cause inflammation and severing blood vessels in our eyes. The rule of thumb is to keep your hands off your eyes and make sure that when your eyes itch, just close them and gently massage the outer lid.

5. Not wearing sunglasses

The sun’s ultraviolet, or UV, rays are extremely harmful and pose severe health risks such as melanoma. However, many are unaware that our eyes can also be seriously affected by the harmful rays. Even when it is not sunny, ultraviolet rays are still present and form glares that will affect our eyes. Therefore, it is a great practice to put on sunglasses when you are outside. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are preferable as they block all spectrums of UV rays.