Common Causes and Treatments of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome: Part 1


Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient eye lubrication and moisture related to the surface of the eye. The consequences of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome can range from minor eye irritation, to inflammation of the front tissues of the eye. There are two common types of dry eye syndrome, which include keratitis sicca, or decreased quality or quantity of tears, and keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or eye dryness, affecting both the cornea and the conjunctiva.

There are several preventative measures and treatments that can be taken in order to alleviate the causes and symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome. Eyes on You Seattle, an optical shop and optometry clinic in Seattle, WA, with the expertise of Dr. Lawson, can help treat your case of Chronic Dry Eye and provide you with helpful tips on improving and maintaining your eye health.

Research shows that Chronic Dry Eye syndrome is more prevalent in larger cities. This is largely due to the amount of air pollution that exists in major metropolitan areas. To help prevent air pollution from affecting your eye health, you should wear sunglasses where applicable. Sunglasses not only help with UV protection, they also shield from air pollutants and debris. Extended exposure to UV rays can cause Chronic Dry Eye syndrome as well, making it all the more important to wear sunglasses.

Our opticians in Seattle can help you pick the right designer frames for your face shape and coloring to help prevent Chronic Dry Eye.