Common Causes and Treatments of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome: Part 2

Chronic Dry Eye

In our previous blog article, we discussed a common cause of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome (CDES) and a remedy for prevention. Now, we will delve into another more common cause and discuss treatments that can help cure or relieve symptoms. We’re not Seattle opticians just so we can prescribe you designer frames. We care about your eye health and want to make sure you have good vision for years to come. Because of our commitment to optimal eye health, we will now discuss a very common cause of CDES.

Another cause of Chronic Dry Eye syndrome is associated with extended computer use. In fact, more than 75% of women who routinely use a computer at work may suffer from Chronic Dry Eye syndrome. If you have to work on a computer for 8 hours a day or more, some preventative measures to avoid CDES (Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome) would be to take a break from your computer screen at least once an hour.

You can also try using temporary eye lubrication drops to alleviate the symptoms, however, this is not a long-term solution. It is important to do this in order to achieve maximum eye health. Visit your local Seattle optometrist or us at Eyes On You in order to receive a comprehensive eye exam.

There are several eye drops that claim to relieve eye dryness, but only one works to cure Chronic Dry Eye syndrome, and those are prescription eye drops called Restasis, which help the body to produce more tears by relieving eye inflammation. Another option for CDES sufferers is the insertion of Lacrisert or a tiny module that releases a lubricating ingredient in the lower eyelid several times a day.

If you suffer from CDES and live in the Seattle area, you should contact our Seattle Optometry specialists for a treatment and/or preventative options. We’re here to help. Dr. Evie Lawson, a prominent Seattle eye doctor, will assist you with getting the right eye treatment that you need. Make an appointment today.