How Sunlight Can Damage Your Eyes, Even in Seattle


Sunset woman Seattle Optical ShopWhen you think of Seattle, you probably think of two things: the space needle and its particularly cloudy year-long weather. You might also believe that eye damage due to sunlight exposure is a rare occurrence in Seattle, but don’t let the clouds fool you! Although they may not seem as harsh, UV rays are still passing through the clouds. Dr. Lawson, an expert Seattle optometrist at the optical shop Eyes on You Seattle, is quite familiar with these kinds of degenerative issues and can help treat your vision-related problems. Without the proper protection, sunlight or UV rays can dramatically damage your eyesight, especially if you go tanning.

Although the eyelid is designed to protect your eyes, the skin that composes it is fairly thin and susceptible to UV light injury. Your eye lens and cornea are designed to filter UV rays, but after prolonged exposure to the sun over an extended period of time they may become damaged. This is especially true of the lens, which through years of UV absorption may begin to turn yellow and cataractous.

Sunlight or UV damage can cause several different types of cancers of the eyelid including melanoma. Although rare in general, the most common eye cancer among adults is intraocular melanoma, which is cancer that begins in the uveal tract and pupil. Some symptoms of intraocular melanoma can include dark spots on the iris, blurred vision, or a change in the pupils shape. In many cases, however, there are no symptoms at all.

The best way to protect your eyes from damage and potential cancer is to wear protective wear. If tanning, it is particularly important to wear sunglasses or other protective eyewear. Eyes on You Seattle, the premiere optical shop in Seattle, sells luxury sunglasses that can help protect your eyes. Your eye health is important to us, and should be for you as well. To find out which brands of sunglasses we carry, contact us today.