Incorporating Technology in Eye Care: Introducing Visionix® Technology at Eyes on You


Advancement in technology has profound impacts on many different health sectors. Modern eye care has also benefitted significantly from progress in technology. From ocular health assessment systems to optical correction surgeries such as Lasik, new technology has significantly improved many of these procedures and systems. As a result, ocular health and maintenance are becoming more accessible and an increasing number of people have the opportunity to receive better eye care.

At Eyes on You, we are constantly looking for ways to keep up-to-date on the latest technology that will improve our services. With that being said, we have the most advanced refractive technology in store. The Visionix® offers the latest technology in ocular diagnostic tools. It incorporates a technology called Wavefront that is capable of analyzing all the optic systems. The technology performs analysis based on a multitude of points whereas traditional technologies measure a single or a just a few points. Wavefront technology is useful in numerous fields. Visionix® pioneered a method to miniaturize this technology, permitting its incorporation in a large group of instruments.

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