Know What to Eat for Eye Health: Be Your Own Seattle Optometrist Part 2


Previously we discussed what you can eat to be your own Seattle optometrist. We went over a few foods you could consume in order to improve and/or maintain your vision. As we see, the most common type of eye ailment is macular degeneration. We, a downtown Seattle optical shop, under the care of Dr. Evie Lawson, regularly treat eye disorders associated with macular degeneration. Before making your next optometry appointment, be sure to check out these few foods that can help improve your eyesight.

Citrusy Fruits and Berries states that these contain loads of Vitamin C and are powerhouses in the field. Consuming the right amount of Vitamin C per day can help with reducing the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts.


Almonds are packed with loads of Vitamin E, which slows down macular degeneration. In fact, only an ounce of almonds provides about half of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin E.

Fatty Fish and Fatty Acids

Salmon, tuna, mackerel, anchovies and trout are full of DHA, a fatty acid that is naturally found in the retina. Low levels of DHA have been linked to Chronic Dry Eye syndrome. Another fatty acid that is good for the eyes is Omega-3. If fish is not your thing, you can try this one in pill form instead.

There are many types of foods you can incorporate in your daily diet that will not drastically change your food habits but will provide you with the essential vitamins that your eyes need. At Eyes On You in Seattle, we are dedicated to making sure you not only look good with our exclusive Seattle eyeglasses but also see well, too. As a downtown seattle optical shop and eye vision clinic, we are conveniently located on 1st Ave. Stop by to view our collection of frames or contact us today.