Maui Jim End of Summer Trunk Show and Luau

Maui Jims

The end of summer is quickly coming to an end, and we’re sad to see it go. To honor the end of what has been a great season for us, we at Eyes on You Seattle are throwing an End-of-Summer luau featuring exclusive eyewear from Maui Jim! At this downtown Seattle, optical shop, you’ll be able to try on Maui Jim sunglasses and see for yourself what makes Maui Jim’s lens technology stand out among all the rest. If you’re in town or close by, stop in on September 11th from 12pm-6pm and September 12th from 10am-4pm for food, fun, and drink!

We, at Eyes on You, like bringing the community together and creating long-lasting relationships, and we do this not only through our attention to your eye health, but through the occasional event or mixer as well. We want to be more than your eyeglass or frames shop, but hope to be a comprehensive place that you can satisfy all of your optometry needs, and even have a good time while doing so.

Our next event will not only have exclusive Maui Jim sunglasses, but will also offer 20% off all sunglasses and prescription lenses, so free food and drink is not the only reason to stop by, you can also get a discount, and even meet Dr. Evie Lawson and her optical staff! However, seeing through these lenses is something that everyone should experience as the enhancements are like nothing ever seen.

What sets Maui Jim apart from other sunglass makers is their trademarked PolarizedPlus2® lense technology. Each lense is enhanced in order to go beyond just shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. They actually improve your visual perception by focusing on three major factors: color, clarity, and detail and allow you to see what your surroundings are actually supposed to look like, something that many of us haven’t been fortunate enough to do as light in the atmosphere obstructs most human’s visual capabilities. If you’re in the downtown Seattle area, you’ll definitely want to stop by and try these on!

If you’re interested in attending this event at our downtown Seattle optometry office, you can RSVP here, or call us at (206) 467-1006. It’s the end of summer, and that’s depressing enough, so let us help you get out of the funk and have some fun at our luau.