Pope Francis Makes Surprise Visit to Roman Optician before U.S. Visit

Pope Francis

Pope Francis slipped out of the Vatican last Thursday night to make a surprise visit to a Rome optical shop to get another pair of eyeglasses, insisting that his old spectacles be re-utilized and that he would pay for them. Many optical shops around the world and in Seattle, WA have developed their own version of a donation platform where they will recycle your old pair and give them to people in need.

Francis was headed to Ottica Spiezia on Rome's extravagant Via del Babuino in the little Ford Focus auto he regularly uses, drawing a huge horde of inquisitive voyagers and Romans outside, footage on Italian TV appeared soonafter.

The shop proprietor, Alessandro Spiezia, who has made eyeglasses for the pope before, usually  presented them to Vatican assistants, said he didn't realize that the pope would go to the shop himself.

"He had instructed me to utilize the old casings again in light of the fact that he would not like to spend much cash and demanded paying for them," Spiezia said on Italian TV.

The pope landed with one of his secretaries and a driver and a few casually dressed police.

He stayed inside the shop for 30 minutes as Spiezia went over the use of the new eyeglasses to him. Francis then welcomed a group outside before coming back to the Vatican on the opposite side of the Tiber River.

In a meeting with Mexican TV a year ago, the Argentine pope said that since his race in 2013 he missed having the capacity to stroll around Rome alone and that he especially missed not having the capacity to go out for a pizza.

Pope Francis may want to move his headquarters to downtown Seattle then as there is no shortage of pizza shops around and we at Eyes on You Seattle would love to of service to his Excellency. For more information on how to donate your used eyeglasses, contact Eyes on You today.