The New Avant Garde: Seattle's Trendy Optical Store Setting Precedent in Eye Care


Anticipate to experience a capturing moment when you first walk into Eyes on You. Dr. Evie Lawson took into careful consideration for the placement of her optical store in downtown Seattle. This space was chosen to embody not only her vision for downtown Seattle but her personal attention for each client’s vision. Equipped with years of eye care experience and fueled by her ambition, Dr. Evie Lawson selected the perfect location that complemented both the historical nature of Seattle and the current trends in eyewear and eye care.

The inventive interpretation of a smooth, Jazzy speakeasy offers a dramatic urban style with an unhurried ambiance that will not only put visitors at ease but make for a unique and pleasant experience. A cool, inviting environment has been shown to improve a client’s well-being and trust, making their visit less intimidating. Dr. Evie Lawson took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere of her optical store coupled with an unparalleled service attitude to become Seattle’s preferred eye care provider.

Well suited for the eclectic, artistic and sublime elements of Seattle, Dr. Evie Lawson and her knowledgeable opticians pride themselves on not only offering the best designer eyewear in Seattle but finding the perfect frames to match even the most discriminating tastes. Selecting the right pair involves choosing a pair that offers a good fit and consistent comfort.

With summer around the corner, it is an ideal time to get a pair of quality sunglasses that will protect you from the damaging effects of the sun. Eyewear is a highlighted fashion accessory and the right pair can enhance a look whether it is chic, sophisticated, whimsical or dramatic. The experts at Eyes on You in downtown Seattle will provide you with their expertise and make the experience of finding the right pair both satisfying and enjoyable.