The Truth Behind Popular Eye Beliefs Part Deux


So, we already know a couple of the truths (link to previous EoY blog) behind many of the myths we were brought up to believe about eye health and vision. But there’s more! As an optical shop in downtown Seattle, we were astounded by the existence of some of these myths, but of course, we’re a bit biased. Check out some of these popular eye myths and the truth behind them all.

Belief: Vision is genetic

Answer: Sometimes

If your parents had bad vision, there is a greater risk that you will too, however it doesn’t guarantee that you will inherit it. Things like glaucoma (link to EoY glaucoma blog) and other serious eye ailments are definitely hereditary, but others are caused by environmental factors.

Belief: Sitting too Close to the TV is bad for your eyes

Answer: Myth

"If a tear film is a little on the dry side from not blinking sufficiently…then the quality of vision suffers," said Rosen. "It's sort of a temporary phenomenon."

However, some of the strain can be avoided by looking into distance from time to time if sitting close to a television.

Belief: If you’re an eyeglass wearer and you don’t wear your glasses, your vision will deteriorate faster.

Answer: Myth

Everything may be out of focus, but you will do no harm to your eyes besides the temporary squint and eyestrain.

Hopefully this helps shine some light on any optical or optometric inquiries you may have had in the past. As an optometry clinic, many of our own staff were not only baffled that some of these myths still exist, but that some were in fact not true! If you’re in need of an eye exam, and live in the Seattle area, contact us - we’ll help debunk any myths you may believe.