What Exactly is Nearsightedness?


To fully understand what nearsightedness is, one must first understand that nature of the eye health ailment and what causes the eye disorder. At Eyes on You, in Seattle, WA, we frequently treat those with astigmatism and nearsightedness as they are common eye illnesses. With the expertise of Dr. Lawson, our Seattle optical shop can help you get the right corrective solution for your eye issues.

Nearsightedness is caused by what is known as a refractive error in humans. In nearsighted people, the eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature, similar to the symptoms of astigmatism. However, the difference is that images focus in front of the retina, which is most light-sensitive part of the eye, rather than directly on the retina, causing blurry vision.

Most prevalently, nearsightedness is hereditary and is often first discovered at childhood, where it eventually plateaus but often worsens with age. Some symptoms of nearsightedness include frequent headaches, eyestrain or fatigue, particularly when looking just more than a few feet away. The issue is generally diagnosed using standard eye exams given by your optometrist or opthamologist.

Treatments for nearsightedness include, but are not limited to, glasses, contact lenses or extreme cases, refractive eye surgery, such as Lasik. However, the most common treatment is the application of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Those with nearsightedness or myopia, prescriptions will always be in the negatives, such as -1.25. The greater the number, the stronger prescription you will need. Prescriptions help focus light on the retina, ridding one of blurry vision.

Nearsightedness, like farsightedness, is a far common eye ailment. As the premiere optical shop and optometry clinic in Seattle, we are prepared to aid you in correcting your vision and treating your eye issues. Contact us today!