What is Farsightedness?


At Eyes on You Seattle, with the help of Dr. Lawson, we often see patients with cases of farsightedness, and because of its prevalence, we are quite the experts when it comes to finding the right pair of corrective vision eyewear for you.

Farsightedness is not a life-threatening ailment nor is it a disease. However, it is simply a condition that alters the way light enters the retina and is the most common eye ailment next to nearsightedness in the United States.

Although farsightedness is common, people often get the term mixed up with nearsightedness even though the two are literally polar opposites. Farsightedness, however, occurs in people who see things at a distance more easily than they see things up close. Close objects may appear obfuscated or blurry. This is due to the fact that farsightedness causes light that enters the eye to focus behind the retina instead of directly on it. This is generally caused by an eye that is too short, whose cornea is shaped incorrectly or whose lens is depressed further back in the eye than normal.

Some symptoms of farsightedness might include:

Blurred vision, especially at night
Trouble seeing objects up close
Aching eyes, eyestrain or headaches

Trouble seeing objects up close would probably be the biggest indicator to eyes that may be farsighted.

In downtown Seattle on 1st Ave, Eyes on You is prepared to address these type of vision issues.

If you are unsure that you might suffer from farsightedness, you may want to stop by our Seattle optical shop, or visit your local optometrist (link to glossary term) to determine the best treatment course for you. If you think you need an eye exam, feel free to contact us or stop by our optical shop today.