Headache/Eyestrain Relief

How does Neurolens work to provide relief from headaches, eye strain and more?

The average person spends 7-10 hours in front of a screen daily. Whether that time is on their phone, in front of a device for work, or watching a show 40-80% of those people will have symptomatic issues as a result. This is because for many of us the eyes are misaligned (aka nobody’s perfect). When the eyes are misaligned the muscles in the eyes have to work harder for the brain to understand visual images. This results in all sorts of unwanted symptoms. Neurolenses have a contoured prism lens design that helps correct how our eyes work so we can both see, and not strain our eye muscles. When those little muscles get strained you don’t feel them like other muscles in the body with a workout…instead the symptoms show up as headaches, migraines, eye strain, fatigue, dry eye, neck pain and/or motion sickness.

Many people excuse symptoms away thinking they are tired, or that they have just had a long day. When in fact it’s just that their visual system has been working overtime and just needs a bit of support.

We’ve seen huge relief for patients in office for anything from people who work in front of computers to those with traumatic brain injuries.

Want to see if your symptoms could be relieved with this incredible technology?

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