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I'd gotten glasses at Americas Best and they were causing significant eye strain. I brought the same frame here and they got me new lenses that were better adjusted and recommended anti-glare coating. They're way more comfortable now. This place isn't cheap, but the quality of service and work were top notch. I'll definitely be going back.

​​​​​​​August 2019

A staff adjusted my daughter’s glasses. We were visiting Seattle from Boston for family vacation and needed fix her glasses. Fantastic service and very professional. It is hard to find a kind and warm place like this these days. Wonderful!!

One Soul Fellowship
August 2019

Just had a comprehensive eye exam and ordered a new pair of glasses. The exam was thorough, but due to the new technologies it went fairly quickly. The Dr. spent a good amount of time explaining the results and answering my questions, she had some great tips to address some of the issues I had been dealing with.

The staff was helpful in picking out frames to suit my needs. They gave great advice and found the perfect frames for me. The prices were very reasonable for the quality and uniqueness of the products they carry. Once I received the glasses I realized I wasn't quite happy with my lens choices. They were very helpful and addressed my issues without any issues. I can't recommend this place enough!

Ryan Salem
​​​​​​​June 2019

Wonderful service and prices. Downtown location that’s easy to get to. Receptionist was friendly and helpful.

Matthew Loesch-Fries
​​​​​​​April 2019

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