Our Philosophy

We believe that we can improve people’s lives through their experience when they come to Eyes on You. Not only through their vision correction but through the experience and emotional bonds we build with each patient who walks through our door.

Because we believe so heavily in the emotional bonds we build with our patients, we fervently feel that we are socially responsible to our patients and our community. Eyes on You does not simply give eye exams and sell frames; we are in the life improvement business. We stand behind our products and services. When we have patients that have issues with their glasses or experience with us we commit to each one of you to go to great lengths to solve those issues.

Dr. Lawson, her associates including staff all are here to provide no-pressure help and guidance in choosing frames. We often tell patients “that frame will not work” whether it is because it does not fit well or because it is quite honestly it's ugly. Our patients are our biggest advertisement, we will not let you leave our office without looking amazing in your new glasses, because when people stop and ask you where you got those frames you will happily send them our way.

Contact our eye care clinic today to find out how we can help.

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