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I have been waiting my entire career for the technology found in the Neurolens device. When I talk to patients about our visual system I really want them to understand that there are 3 main parts for you to see an image.

Cataracts - What Are They?

Ever looked into someone’s eyes and they appear cloudy?  Maybe you don’t know a person with this...but have seen it in an older pet.  The eyeball looks like a marble with a cloudy sky in it. What you are seeing are cataracts.  And yes, they do affect the person’s (or pet’s) ability to see. 

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! (Can you hear the Christmas carol playing in the background?? “It’s the moooost wonderful tiiimmmmeee of the yeeeaaarrrr….”) Unfortunately “the most wonderful time of the year” this year was not in September when the kids went back to school (we all know nothing about that was normal.) And it’s also not yet Christmas...because who knows what that will bring to our lives given that so much of this year has been turned upside down.

Retinal Detachment

Have you ever wondered about eye emergencies?  Or had one yourself?  There are various different kinds and types to be aware of but this one in particular is important to watch out for, because left untreated it can result in permanent vision loss: Retinal Detachment What is it?


It’s back to school time.  Only instead of heading back to school everyone is sitting at their kitchen tables awaiting instruction, on screens.  And when not “in school” free time allows for gaming and netflix and online content aka more screens. It’s been months of time connecting on phones and zoom and screens.  And it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. So let’s break down what that means for the eyes in your family. For You: Getting and wearing computer glasses or having some frames retrofitted with blue light blocking lenses can help. (hint: we do these!)

Silver Linings

We are half-way through the year 2020. It has brought us all the things: out of control Australian wildfires, a global pandemic, murder hornets, and a breathed life into the Black Lives Matter movement. What’s next to come? Aliens? We are almost scared to ask.

Quarantine Eyes

You’ve heard of “bedroom eyes”, the “apple of my eye”, and the well known fact that eyes are “the window to the soul” but now in 2020 we have a new eye type: The quarantine eye.

Keeping Yourself Healthy In the Face Of An Outbreak

Coronavirus is here.  The underlying fear and panic is palpable: from the empty shelves at grocery stores to the complete lack of supplies in the way of hand sanitizer and face masks (that are NOT recommended and do not help prevent people from getting sick). So what can you do??

An Eyelash Story

When I was little and you found an eyelash, you’d place it on your fingertip and make a wish as you blew it away. Now that I’m a grownup, if an eyelash falls out, it’s more likely to turn into worry than a wish.

Eyewear Online - The Down-Low

Buying online has become almost reflexive in today’s society. And while it can be great for a lot of things, we’re looking at how purchasing eyewear online affects YOU and your world. To simplify complex subject, we’ve narrowed down what you need to know into 3 parts:

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