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Can I Swim With Contact Lenses?

Can you swim with contact lenses?   Sure, but is it a good idea?  No, no it is not. In a chlorinated pool, the chlorine (a chemical similar to bleach) strips away the protective layer of "tear film" in your eyes.  This "film" is the barrier keeping bacteria and germs out.  Once it is gone, your contact then acts as a sticky bandaid for all the germs it comes into contact with.  And holds them close to your eyeball, with direct access to your cornea

What's Involved In An Eye Exam?

During this exam, our doctors will assess your need for prescription contact lenses or glasses, and do preventative screening for common eye diseases.  Eyes are often an indicator of overall health - so you are doing more for yourself than just an “eye check” when you come in to see us!

Focus On Kids

Kid’s eye health is something that often runs under the radar. Even if it’s screened at the doctor’s office with the yearly check up, so much can get missed.

Level Up to Better Frames

Eyewear is something that most of us don’t really think about, yet most people have one pair of glasses (if they wear glasses) that take them from fancy social affairs to flopping on the couch watching Netflix.

The Bright Side

Protection from the elements (snow, wind/dust, sand). The actually physical barrier that sunglasses are, help to protect from debris flying your way.

Blue Light Special

You’ve likely heard about blue light. On our phones and laptops, tablets and tvs…peeking out at us from all angles of the lives we lead. Ya, old news. But it affects how you live.

Top 5 Foods For Eye Health

You’re not alone. But did you consider that eating healthy DOES have a significant effect on your ocular well being?

The Window To The Soul

During a routine eye exam you can expect to be screened for cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal problems.

Seeing in Black and White

Let’s talk color blindness. Or rather color vision, as people with color “blindness” still see colors, just not as much as someone with typical vision.

What’s Hiding In Your Lashes?

Eyelash extensions have become all the rage these days. No fuss with remembering mascara, or dealing with smudges and black tears.

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