An Eyelash Story

When I was little and you found an eyelash, you’d place it on your fingertip and make a wish as you blew it away.
Now that I’m a grownup, if an eyelash falls out, it’s more likely to turn into worry than a wish.

Eyelashes have gone vogue in a blink, with emphasis on big, lush, full lashes.  We’ve gone from using mascara, to booking bi-weekly lash extensions sessions.  We set Dr. Lawson on the mission of finding the best way to make your lashes look full…

Straight from your eye doctor - here’s what you need to know:

Lash Extensions.  
They aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  We wrote a whole blog on it here. (You know, in case you missed it.) But after writing that up the question remained - If lash extensions aren’t great for my health and well-being then what is??

Here is the follow-up to that question:  With the research done, and lots of money spent on everything from online retailers (promising lash love), to your locally loved make-up store, we have the answers for you!  

Eyelash Extensions.  
We won’t go into huge detail here, (Spoiler alert: extensions may infect you with bugs - like lice on your eyelashes  - called Demodex), but there are many drawbacks to extensions: from reactions to the adhesive used to them actually causing the loss of your natural eyelashes.  In our office alone we’ve seen many botched eyelash extension attempts with contact cement from discount-lash-extension-places.  (Public Service Announcement: contact or rubber cement is not meant to come into contact with skin, never mind sensitive skin near your eyeballs.)

Magnetic Eyelashes.  
These look amazing in the commercials.  And in theory, what a genius way to get them to stay on!  Dr. Lawson ordered multiple pairs online, from various competitors.  First, she tried the magnetic eyeliner to be used with the magnetized lash extensions.  And here were the results:

Results weren’t great.  Over the course of a workday, she continued to lose individual lashes off of the lash-strip, but the magnets on her eyeliner remained…not the best look.  Were you a patient that day?  We’d love to know what you thought!

Double Magnetic Lashes.
Next, she tried the magnetic lash type where the magnets stick to each other - again, not a winner.  When you started connecting them at one end they would snap together in a straight line and not conform to the roundness that is an eyelid lash-line.  No matter what she tried the magnets wouldn’t form to her lashes and one side always looked “off”.  There were 4 lash lines of magnets per eye.  These didn’t even make it into the office.


Old School Glue-On Eyelashes.
With so many different types and kinds and brands and prices, Dr. Lawson went to an expert: Kristina Galban, at Sephora in University Village.


@sephora_UniversityVillage @klgalban

Kristina talked to her about the different options available (so many options!)  And as you can see in the video, explained everything to put on lashes like an expert.


So our final conclusion is that good old false eyelashes are the way to go.  You have to put the glue on properly (Do NOT apply directly to your eyelashes, Dr. Lawson!)  And the shape and style you choose are unique to your look and your fashion choice for the time you will be wearing it.  These are the winners in our book.



Natural Enhancement.
Not wanting to go to all that effort?  We did find some alternatives in the way of mascara you might like to try.  
Dr. Lawson’s favorite is by far Thrive Eyelash Extensions Mascara. 



If you are talking more specifically about what you are exposing your body to, there are also options for that.  Beautycounter brand sells mascara options that are free from the harmful chemicals sometimes found in other brands.  Sadly, our tester found the lash-oomphf factor to be lacking with these.  Although they do take it up a notch from au natural. 

We do want to note that none of these products were offered to us as promotional material, and everything was purchased and trialed by Dr. Lawson herself.  Eyes On You is not affiliated with any eyelash/mascara brands and our opinions are our own.  We also want to state that eyelashes do not define who you are as a person.  You are beautiful as you are.  And your eyes work fabulously without enhancing the hair around them.  We just wanted to come up with safer alternatives to the disasters we’ve seen happen with eyelash extensions.  Having said that, if you want to play dress-up we’re here for that too (but in a safe and temporary manner).  

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