Skin Revitalization With Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment

What Is It?

In our office we use the Icon machine by CynoSure using the MaxG handpiece

IPL treatment helps to eliminate eye/skin blemishes and specific conditions, including rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, spider veins, age spots, and vascular lesions among many others.

Unlike aesthetic-only offices we are able to treat conditions in and around the eye such as ocular rosacea and demodex. With ​​​​​​​the Icon Max G we are able to get to and treat the root cause of the issues using a minimally invasive procedure with little or no down time.

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How Does It Work?

This treatment introduces two types of light wavelengths into the skin to minimize imperfections and treat certain skin conditions. The light wavelengths target the specific damaged skin areas or conditions so your body can remove them using it’s own natural exfoliation process.

What Are The Results?

You will notice improved skin texture and a more refined, clearer complexion. The procedure is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime. You can expect treated skin blemishes to darken as they come to the surface of the skin and are removed by your body with the natural exfoliation process that occurs.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Once it has been established that you are a good candidate for IPL treatment we book you an appointment with our onsite physician. Treatments last about 30 minutes depending on the skin or eye area(s) being treated. Discomfort is minimal. The areas we treat are: face, forehead, neck, and spot treatments. Immediately following the procedure you may notice treated spots are darkened. This is normal and they will be removed by your body with the natural skin exfoliation process. New, smoother, more youthful-appearing skin will emerge once the outer layers exfoliate off. On average a series of 3 treatments are recommended and are based on your skin care goals and desired results.​​​​​​​

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