It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! (Can you hear the Christmas carol playing in the background?? “It’s the moooost wonderful tiiimmmmeee of the yeeeaaarrrr….”)


Unfortunately “the most wonderful time of the year” this year was not in September when the kids went back to school (we all know nothing about that was normal.)


And it’s also not yet Christmas...because who knows what that will bring to our lives given that so much of this year has been turned upside down.


We’re talking about you having the ability to take control of your life and use your hard-earned (and saved) money to do something wonderful for yourself (and your family). It’s within your control and it benefits your health.


It’s your Health Savings Account and/or Flexible Spending Account!


Why in the midst of this year’s turmoil and so much financial hardship would you want to consider it?  


Good question.  We have 3 main reasons this is especially important this year.

  1. Taking control of decisions in your life, and having the feeling of choice in the world, leads people to feel more stable and creates calm.  THIS is one of those things over which you have control.  You can choose to do something that will make a difference in your life and (we hope) that will make you happier.  

  2. Buying something like a pair of computer glasses will actually help you sleep better (computer glasses block blue light, which affects circadian rhythms that can wreak havoc on sleep).  Sunglass will help you to see without squinting (and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays) even in the snow.  And we are expected to get lots of snow again this year!  Have you considered goggles for skiing? Yes, the ski hills are opening!  Or specialty sports eyewear for cycling?  Little bits of joy, like having a fun pair of eyewear, can lift you up every single time you put them on.  And we’re not sure about you but we’ll take all the little bits of joy we can get our hands on.

  3. You already have the money and most of these savings accounts are “use it or lose it.”  It won’t be taking any extra cash out of your pocket.  So why not use your health benefits to not only get yourself something to protect your eyes, but also give your emotional outlook a little boost?  


For all the things we’ve lost this year let’s take control of this and inject some joy into life.


Personally, I’m checking out all the pink frames we have in store.  Because they will put a ridiculous smile on my face every time I wear them. And also because why not.  

Book your appointment today to check out your options by text 206-467-1006 or online HERE. 

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