Silver Linings

We are half-way through the year 2020.  It has brought us all the things: out of control Australian wildfires, a global pandemic, murder hornets, and a breathed life into the Black Lives Matter movement.  


What’s next to come?  


Aliens?  We are almost scared to ask.


What we do know is that the world will keep turning, the sun will keep rising and setting, and gravity will continue to hug us all close. (At least hopefully).


In the meantime, our office has come up with some silver linings of the times.  Little nuggets to keep us all moving forward with smiles on our faces (even if they are covered with masks).


For us they are:


Getting ready in the morning is a breeze!  One only has to apply eye makeup - no more blending of foundation or applying blush!  No need to dwell on what to wear to the office either - scrubs are the answer (easily washable and the very same every. single. day.)  For those of us working from home the commute from the breakfast table to the laptop in our aerodynamic pajamas has drastically reduced travel time.  Win-Win-Win!


Our eyewear is the biggest part of our wardrobe now.  And it is amazing!  With so many frame options and color choices to pick from, the possibilities are almost endless.  It is predicted that eyewear will be the next big trend (whether you require it for visual purposes or not.)  The only question left is which mask you’d like to pair your glasses with today.


Finding opportunities and possibilities.  Staying home has spurred on ingenuity and creativity to keep businesses alive, support others, and bond with our families.  Has anyone ever Zoomed so much?  Did you ever think that ordering take-out from a local restaurant was your way of supporting another person?  We are using the time to defend basic human rights and educate ourselves to participate in the black lives matter movement.  


This has been a time of growth in our communities and a time of reflection.  2020 has literally given us 20/20 and in hindsight we can see all the things to change for our future.  It is the year we get to look at all the parts of our world that need work.  Our reflection on what is important in our lives, and how to keep them vibrant and alive.  Half-way through is not over yet, but from our perspective the future is bright.  Keep moving forward - making positive changes in your life and in the lives of those around you.


And if you haven’t already had or booked your eye exam for this year this is your cue.  Get your vision checked so you can move forward seeing clearly.  Keeping your health in check so you are as strong as you can be. 


We are here for you.


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