I have been waiting my entire career for the technology found in the Neurolens device.  When I talk to patients about our visual system I really want them to understand that there are 3 main parts for you to see an image. The first is the optical system (includes your cornea, lens and focusing system and optical correction if needed), the second is the posture of your eyes working together to get both of the images from each eye to your brain (includes your 9 skeletal muscles around each eye and the posture of each eye) and last but not least your visual processing center (the occipital lobe).  If one of the first two systems have a break down in the gathering of information this creates a huge amount of strain on the visual processing and the whole system can break down.  

Having a clear image in each eye is something as eye doctors we have always focused on.  But as we learn more about neuro science and visual processing we are beginning to understand how important subtleties of this processing can affect things like posture, dizziness/vertigo, headaches, eyestrain and fatigue even dryness in the eyes.   

Eye doctors have found tremendous ways (and continue to come up with innovations in this area) to correct for clarity. However only physical therapists of the eyes, or vision therapy specialists, have really gotten good and accurate results for the posture of the eyes.  As a primary eyecare provider I have found binocular vision testing to be so frustrating because when I have done it in my office it is subjective and therefore the results are not consistent nor as accurate as I know they would be in a real world setting if done objectively.  

The Neurolens is changing my patients lives because it is allowing me a screening device that is evaluating all patients in an objective and therefore more accurate and reliable way.  And then be able to help with the posture of the eyes through specialty eyeglass lenses that have the ability to relax posture at all viewing areas.  I have been able to help with things like dizziness and vertigo, posture issues, headaches including migraines, eyestrain and fatigue as well as clarity especially driving at night.  I can not tell you how excited I am about the Neurolens device and lenses. 


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