3D Printing

3D printing (also called additive manufacturing) is any of various processes used to make a three-dimensional object.


Astigmatism is a common eye condition that can be corrected by several different ways. It's caused by an eye that is not completely round in which everyone experiences to a degree

Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is a long-term disease that can be caused by, but not limited to, a number of factors including advanced age, contact lens wear, environmental factors or reduced tear production due to inflammation. It is, in essence, a severe lack of natural eye lubrication. Some symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye include a stinging, or burning sensation, eye redness, difficulty wearing contact lenses, difficulty with nighttime driving and blurred vision and eye fatigue.

Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission is an independent agency of the United States government, whose main mission is to protect the rights of consumers, and to identify and eliminate anticompetitive business practices. The Federal Trade Commission act was one of the key legislative initiatives institutude by President Woodrow Wilson.


Glaucoma is a term portraying a gathering of ocular (eye) issue that result in optic nerve damage, regularly connected with expanded liquid pressure in the eye (intraocular pressure or IOP).


Lutein is a xanthophyll and can only be synthesized by plants and like other xanthophylls, is found in high doses in leafy greens such as spinach, kale and even yellow carrots, given lutein natural yellow hue....


Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can not only affect the skin surrounding the eye, but the actual eye itself (known as intraocular melanoma).


An optician is an eyewear practitioner who handles the process of dispensing prescriptive eyeglasses to people seeking to correct their visions. An optician is trained to design corrective eyewear and ensure a comfortable and correct fit.


An optometrist is a licensed individual who practices optometry.


Mostly used for engineering purposes, polycarbonates are strong, nearly indestructible materials or polymers that are grouped together based on their chemical structures. Polycarbonates make for great lenses as they are often scratch resistant and shatter proof.


The pupil is the opening of the iris that many perceive to be the small black dot in the center of the colored region or iris. The pupil can appear to dilate or open up and constrict or close. Simply put, the pupil is the absence of the iris.

UV Rays

UV rays, or ultraviolet radiation emits from the sun and has the potential to cause detrimental effects to the human body.