Level Up to Better Frames

Have you ever wondered about what the difference is between frames? Or frame lines? (Apart from the obvious look.).

Did you know there is a difference?

Let’s talk.

Eyewear is something that most of us don’t really think about, yet most people have one pair of glasses (if they wear glasses) that take them from fancy social affairs to flopping on the couch watching Netflix. Apart from swapping frames for sunglasses they are often a constant feature, despite us swapping out jewelry, watches and other accessories. They highlight our face, and yet so many people don’t normally switch them out to match different styles we wear, or activities we do.

Why is that?

What is the number one most undervalued cosmetic enhancement we can level up with?

You guessed it – EYEGLASSES

This month we are featuring two amazing frame lines: Bevel and Blake Kuwahara.

What makes them different? Or more specifically why should you care?


Many frames are mass manufactured overseas with minimal attention to quality. Both Bevel and Blake Kuwahara frame lines are hand crafted and created in Japan. Artisans who create Bevel frames use a mold (instead of mass manufacturing) and each frame is created and inspected one by one. When you get a pair of these, you know they were created with attention to detail and have a specific style not replicated elsewhere.



Bevel eyewear created beta hinge-titanium technology that has been in production since 2009 and beta hinge-acetate technology developed in 2012. Due to this high quality technology, consumers get a hinge that is flexible, but does not break. And the look is a distinctive feature that is often highlighted with opposing colors to the actual frame.

Blake Kuwahara frames are crafted using a frame within a frame technology. The process of adhering different composites together is only effective about 50% of the time, meaning that for every pair of frames almost four frames have been used to create that style. You can read more about the process in this article’s interview. It’s what gives these frames a unique and sought after look that is interesting to the eye, and flattering on the face.


Have you ever thought to compare the texture of your frames to other frames? (Me neither!) But upon comparison there is a big difference in how plastic (acetate) frames feel when you compare the cheap ones to the high quality ones. You can feel that a Blake Kuwahara design is soft. And so it should be, when it sits on your face. The trick behind the soft feel is Mazzucchelli acetate. It is a plastic whipped with cotton (Yes cotton!). Developed in Italy. Want to see the process in action?


We strive to carry high quality, ethically made and truly unique frames. Every person is different and your frames should be reflective of your personality. We have in-house specialists to find frames to suit your unique features and style. Come in and level up to see how amazing your look can be.

Patient quotes:

When someone wears Blake Kuwahara Eyewear it says, ‘I don’t want to look like I own an art gallery, but rather that I visit one every once in awhile‘ “- Heidi

Some frames walk in a room before the person wearing them does. Others make no statement at all. When a person wears Blake Kuwahara Eyewear, they walk into the room at the same time“- Sarah

See you soon!

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