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Do you wear sunglasses?

Apart from the element they add to your look, we’re delving into what they do for you health wise this month…

Why should I wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses prevent wrinkles you get from squinting – hello crow’s feet Why not prevent these from happening in the first place? Wear your shades to stop all the squinting that contributes to those wrinkles.

Reduce headaches and migraines (eyestrain and fatigue) Lets face it, nobody likes pain. Especially if you are already prone to these ailments – try preventing them in the first place, wearing shades helps. For those people who aren’t pre-disposed to headaches, sunglasses can help reduce eye fatigue and keep your eyes from feeling tired.

Protection from the elements (snow, wind/dust, sand). The actually physical barrier that sunglasses are, help to protect from debris flying your way. They cut wind (which can be very irritating to your eyes) along with protecting from the UV rays. Snow is high on the list of elements to be protected from. You may not think to grab your sunnies along with your parka, but light reflects off of snow just like it does water, putting you more at risk if you don’t protect yourself..

Prevent pterygium – say what? A growth of cells on your eyeball. Yes, this happens. But sunglasses can help to prevent it. Often referred to as surfer eye, this is a good thing to avoid. (Avoid pterygium, not the surfers…in case that wasn’t clear.)

Sunglasses help prevent eye and eye-skin cancer related to UV exposure.

Potential cataracts/ earlier cataract development and glaucoma from UV radiation. Sunglasses can help to block the rays that contribute to this damage, keeping you seeing clearly much longer.

Macular degeneration from UV damage. Once again, sunglasses to the rescue! Don’t let the UV rays come close to your peepers. Over time, harmful rays can cause macular degeneration, which is bad because your macula is responsible for your central vision. (When it gets damaged you can start to have blurred vision, wavy lines and have difficultly recognizing faces, driving or reading.)

And remember, kids have eyes too!!! They need protection just as much as us adults. Invest in a good pair to keep the “little’s” safe!

Practice safe sun!

How to pick the best type?

  • Make sure 100% of UV rays are blocked (UVA and UVB!) There is usually an indicator sticker.
  • The bigger the sunglasses, the more covered you are.
  • Darker shades aren’t necessarily better (the ones that block UV light are – even if they are a lighter tint!)
  • Color doesn’t matter. Once again, blocking UV light does. So wear your rose colored glasses!
  • Glare is avoided with polarized lenses, they do not affect UV blocking. So although they are great for avoiding reflection issues (like when you are on water or while driving,) they don’t offer more UV protection.
  • More expensive does not make them better. But ensure you buy from a reputable source.


We recommend (and also carry):

The Breezeway by Maui Jim – Your classic, go-to look for sunnies. These are great for all occasions and look fantastic on you!

The Glacier by Vuarnet – These are rockstar glasses that come with removable leather pieces which help to block sun, and look amazing.

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