For Our VSP Patients

As of February 7, 2021 Eyes On You will become an out-of-network VSP provider. You will need to self submit your claims to VSP for reimbursement. We have made this extremely streamlined for you - you will receive your invoice with all of the information for you to enter into VSP’s online portal. If you do not have access to the portal you can submit paperwork for reimbursement.

Thanks for being our patient and supporting small business. Any questions text us at (206) 467-1006 or email

VSP Out-Of-Network Provider Frequently Asked Questions

When do these changes take place?

We fully terminate our in-network status with VSP February 7th, 2021. From that date on we will bill all VSP patients out-of-network.

Can I still come to you?​​​​​​​

Absolutely! We look forward to seeing you! If the appointment is of a medical nature we will bill through your medical health care plan (nothing is changing about how that works). If it is an appointment that would normally be covered under your vision coverage you can self submit the bill as an out of network provider for VSP.

Why have you stopped being in-network with VSP?​​​​​​​

VSP made changes to many aspects of how we care for patients: how much time we can provide for service, what we can carry as eyewear, and which labs we can get our lenses created at. Under their new policy we would have to cut time with patients which cuts into our professional vision of providing patients with the best experience possible. With the new brands, frames, and lenses we would be forced to carry, we felt our ability to provide patients with the highest quality of eyewear would suffer. We partner with only independent frame lines who would not be a part of this new plan. We want to maintain our independence and our ability to walk away from any product or service that doesn’t meet the high quality of our standards our patients expect from us.

What if my health care provider is something different and I just have VSP as vision coverage? (Like having Premera as a health care provider with VSP for a vision plan)

Medically necessary visits will be billed through your medical plan in this case. We have not made any changes to our status in-network with these companies. But if VSP is your vision provider and the appointment falls under vision health (say a routine annual eye exam) then you would submit to VSP as an out-of-network provider. If you are unsure how your visit to us would be classified please feel free to send us a text or email and we would be happy to assist you.

How much will it cost?​​​​​​​

This depends on your specific plan with VSP. You will pay for your appointment and eyewear and then submit to VSP. On average billing out of network will cost slightly more. However, as you are not going through insurance for your eyewear we usually are able to pass on an additional 20% discount on eyewear to you (this is what the middleman would normally take as a cut...and we are passing that onto our patients.) By doing this we aren’t limited to VSP’s terms: cutting back our time in appointments with you or limiting which eyewear we have to offer. You end up with better quality service, higher quality frames and lenses, and more time with the doctor to address your concerns.

Can I still use my FSA/HSA?​​​​​​​

Yes, this benefit doesn’t change at all. In most cases you can use your account to cover any cost above what VSP is willing to reimburse you. On average for a routine patient appointment (without taking an eyewear discount into account) most VSP patients will pay slightly more out of pocket. That cost can be covered by your HSA/FSA. However if you are purchasing eyewear from us the discount we give you will usually exceed that amount. So in the end you’re spending about the same amount, and getting more value in terms of time with a healthcare professional and quality of goods. We are able to provide this discount because we no longer have to pay the middle man (aka VSP)

How do I self submit?​​​​​​​

VSP has an online patient portal that makes submitting claims easy. In about 5 minutes you can submit with the information provided by us. We are happy to assist you in the process and answer any questions you might have.

How much am I going to get back?

This depends on your specific vision plan with VSP. It also depends on whether or not your visit is classified as a medical appointment or falls under vision insurance. We recommend speaking about specifics with one of our staff members to get numbers. For most people the cost to you is returned in our ability to provide a discount - the middle man has been cut out and we pass that amount on to you. The amount can vary depending on which eyewear and lenses you select.

Where would you recommend I go if I still want to use my insurance (even if this means not coming to see you anymore)?​​​​​​​

We would be so sad to see you go but understand if this is a choice you make. Our recommendations (in order of preference are):
Your Eyes - located on 3rd
Specialty Eye Care Group - located on 4th
Blink Optical

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